Un vent de jeunesse dans les locaux d'Inatis !

Comme chaque année en cette saison, Inatis accueille une équipe de stagiaires dans ses locaux afin de renforcer ses services commercial, RH et administratif.

Ils témoignent

Benjamin R. - Ingénieur Installation Subsea

"Pleinement à mon écoute, INATIS m'a toujours proposé bien plus qu'une simple mission chez un client. Sans cesse à la réponse de mes attentes, j'ai eu l'opportunité de travailler maintes fois à l'étranger, en Azerbaijan par exemple, pays dont je ne soupçonnais même pas l'existence."



Our clients are major players in the Industrial sector, such as Bouygues.


Some of our references in Industry :

Civil Engineering Studies on building execution methods. Drawing up site installation plans, phasing of works or structures, works sectioning from structural drawings, structural measurements

Civil Engineering Supervision monitoring the execution of works by a Structural Works subcontractor: overseeing quality, monitoring supplies, checking that the plans are of good quality, etc. Subcontractor management on a project to build a cinema complex in Turkmenistan

Export Logistics Expert: responsible for logistics activities, particularly within the Africa area (transport, customs clearance, etc.) on behalf of a Belgian construction group

Maintenance Expert, particularly as regards the mechanical auditing of a Jack-up platform in the Netherlands, followed by implementation of the maintenance policy at the Tangier Med port in Morocco

QSE Assistance, Steelworks: audit / upgrade at team level to maintain standards, work on OHSAS certification for a client who is a world leader in the production of seamless hot-rolled tubes for all applications, including oil and gas

Methods / maintenance involved in the inspection and updating of regulations for seamless hot-rolled tubes

Site management for the building of an aluminium plant in Mahan, India (Hindalco Project)...